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About us

The SC Network is a small dev-team from germany. We provide a lot of different services for individuals and communities. Check out all of them below ^^

Our Team

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Hey, my name is Simon. I am the founder of SC Network. I am working on every SC Network Project and running this hole thing in my free time.

SC Network Founder

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Hi, I'm Xenia and I joined the support team, as well as in content and marketing on September 26, 2020. I also help with several projects, such as SCNX with the Costum or ModMail bots and am mainly involved in support, as well as still working in the background in other areas.
ItzDxrkGxrl [BST] [ANW]#0108

Marketing, Support

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Heyho, I'm Shini and I joined the support team and the design team on April 8th, 2021. I mainly work in the support of SC Network, and design a few banners or thumbnails (whatever) I am also happy to help with setting up custom or ModMail bots.
ItzShxniii [BST] [ANW]#2202

Design, Produkt-Experte bei SCNX, Support

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Hi, I'm BrawlKing and I joined the SC Network Team on 30.4.2021. Most of the time I'm in support or help new users with their first steps in SCNX. On the side I try to support some projects.